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This Severely Emaciated Dog Found Stray Changes at the Shelter and Finds a New Home

This little female Lurcher was found wandering along a path. She weighed only 10 kilograms and badly needed help to get out of it.

Emily is a survivor. She was lucky to come across good Samaritans who put her back on her feet after months of suffering and malnutrition.

It is the association Danaher Animal Homepartner of the RSPCAwho took charge of her in March 2022. Without waiting, Louisa Durantithe director of the center based in Braintree in Englandtook the unfortunate woman to the vet. “She weighed only 10.8 kg and was extremely emaciated. She was just skin and bones. She had bedsores all over her shoulder blades, hips and legs.”she told the Mirror.

A long period of recovery followed.

Danaher Animal Home – RSPCA/Facebook

A transformation that is pleasing to see

Emily followed a special diet which allowed him to regain weight without brutalizing his weakened body. “We fed her little and often to slowly increase her weight and strength. She gained almost 5 kg in just a few weeks”clarified Louisa.

No one can guess what the little dog went through. She sometimes has nocturnal fears, but is sociable, gentle and relaxed.

Illustration of the article: This severely emaciated dog found stray is transformed at the shelter and finds a new home
Danaher Animal Home – RSPCA/Facebook

His endearing personality and his career have upset a couple, mark and Abby Colbear. Since they had just moved into their new house with a garden, they offered to offer a warm home to Emily.

“After moving we found Emily’s story and photos and it broke our hearts; we felt we had to apply to try and help her”has explained mark.

This is how the young canidae was able to benefit from a second chance in life. Today, she is perfectly integrated into her new home and makes the happiness of her owners who are beginning to detect her true character.

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“She really comes out of her shell and finds her voice. She gives us happy little grunts when we play in the garden”told mark before adding: “Her cheeky, naughty side is also showing now and she loves hiding her favorite treats and digging holes in the lawn, but we don’t mind that as we’re so happy to see her confidence grow”.

Emily now enjoys his best life surrounded by the benevolence and love of his fulfilled masters.




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