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Insurance fraudster ‘who couldn’t exercise after car crash’ surprised by photos of himself after climbing Sydney Harbor Bridge

AN insurance fraudster who claimed a car crash left her unable to exercise has been caught posting pictures after climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Insurance Lois Cartridge, 24, even completed a 5k obstacle course on the same day she was examined by a doctor.

Insurance fraudster Lois Cartridge claimed she couldn’t exercise after a car crash but was surprised when she posted pictures climbing the Sydney Harbor BridgeCredit: Champions News
Cartridge also posted photos of her swimming with dolphins a month after the accidentCredit: Champions News

She suffered minor soft tissue injuries as a rear passenger in a traffic accident in November 2018.

But she exaggerated her symptoms to bolster her claim for compensation – she claimed ‘restricted movement’ prevented her from cleaning, cooking, driving or swimming.

Alarm bells rang when Liverpool Victoria, the other driver’s insurer, scoured his social media.

He found an article about how she went shopping and to a dinner party the day after the fling, and she posted photos of her swimming with dolphins a month later.

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Paul Higgins, for LV, told Judge Richard Pearce: “On June 1, 2019, including the same day as her medical, she posted an update which read: “So… we’ve done the 5 mile inflatable run this morning .

“On June 16 she posted an update on Bridge Climb Sydney saying ‘Time to climb the bridge’ and was tagged in another saying ‘Cool night at the Sydney Bridge climbing’.”

Bournemouth Cartridge, admitted to exaggerating his symptoms.

She was given a 16-week suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay £20,000 in contempt of court costs at the High Court in London.

Cartridge climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge the same month she was medically examined
Cartridge climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge the same month she was medically examinedCredit: Getty – Contributor

Judge Pearce said: ‘It is an exaggeration, not an invention.

“I was impressed by her apology in court and take into account that this discovery will have serious financial consequences for her.”



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