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Jubillar case: a report made against a defense lawyer

Mardi 1er February, Franck Rastoul, the public prosecutor at the Toulouse Court of Appeal, was seized for “questions of an ethical nature with regard to one or more lawyers intervening in various capacities in the Jubillar case “. According to our information, this report was made against Mr.e Jean-Baptiste Alary – the historic lawyer of Cédric Jubillar, indicted in June 2021 for the murder of his wife Delphine – and of Me Jessica Chefaroudi, the former lawyer of Nadine Fabre, the mother of Cédric Jubillar.

The lawyer, former president of Albi, is suspected of having “intervened” or of having “exerted” pressure on the mother of Cédric Jubillar, Nadine Fabre. Placed in police custody at the same time as her son on June 16, 2021, Nadine Fabre is then represented by Me Jessica Chefaroudi, a lawyer from Montauban. Cédric’s mother is notably questioned about this threat that Cédric expressed about his wife: “I swear to you, mom, I’m going to kill her, I’m going to bury her, and no one will ever find her. After 48 hours in police custody, Nadine Fabre comes out free.

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Cédric Jubillar’s mother is always advised by Me Chefaroudi in early September 2021, when she contacted a regional radio station on the slot for a program called 100% clairvoyance. Not knowing that she was being recorded, she asks to speak to a medium and expresses her doubts as to the possible involvement of her son in the murder of her stepdaughter. During the discussion, Nadine even says she is “convinced” that her son is “guilty”. A few days later, despite his express request not to be broadcast, excerpts from the call appeared in an article published on the radio’s website.

A mother’s doubts

The station believes that it is within its rights: if they had undertaken not to broadcast the soundtrack, nothing had been agreed on the subject of a publication of extracts on the Internet. Me Chefaroudi, Nadine Fabre’s lawyer, denounces an “unfair process” and threatens to attack the media for fraud and invasion of privacy. But she does not follow up and concludes an agreement with the radio: in exchange for the non-broadcasting of the recording, Nadine Fabre undertakes to grant an exclusive interview 100% radio. During this interview, Cédric’s mother retracts and explains that she was just “extremely disturbed” when contacting the clairvoyance show.

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A disastrous sequence. Behind the scenes, Nadine is suggested to change lawyers. And that’s where M.are Jean-Baptiste Alary and Jessica Chefaroudi would have come into play. They are now suspected of having exerted pressure on Nadine Fabre so that the latter does not change her advice. In vain, since Nadine Fabre is now assisted by Mare Antoine Vey and Géraldine Vallat, two lawyers from the Paris Bar.

Regarding the referral, the Attorney General will now take a few days to analyze the situation in order to find out if there has indeed been a breach of ethics and, if so, try to understand why, for what purpose. Several possibilities will then present themselves to him. If no breach is found, he may classify the report on the ethical level. He can also initiate disciplinary action, initiate an ethics investigation or even launch a criminal investigation. Contacted, Cédric Jubillar’s lawyer said he did not know what he was accused of and did not wish to speak further.



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