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the boss of the restaurant assaults his apprentice

In September 2020, Bianca suddenly ended her apprenticeship with Franck. She will only have stayed there “one month and two days”, she specifies. She files a complaint for sexual assault. On August 15, she began this training with a smile, happy to have been able to win a contract. The owner and the waitress are welcoming. “But Franck’s behavior changed quickly. He suggested I go out for drinks, he asked me indiscreet questions like the size of my bras, he stuck to me in the kitchen when I was washing up. A dozen times, she said, he would reproduce these gestures, grab her by the waist while she was doing the dishes, touch her buttocks, groin, breasts.

On Saturday September 12, at the end of the service, she left for a bar in Rochefort. She bumps into her boss by chance. “I told him that wandering hands, very little for me. He apologized and walked me back to my car. When saying goodbye, he touched my sex over my dress. When she resumed on Tuesday, she felt unwell. She tells her parents about it and decides to leave. “I keep my distance from everyone now. »

“My hand slipped”

Franck, 1.90 meters, 115 kg, has a completely different version. “The one and only time my hand touched his chest was that Saturday night, where we had a drink. I walked her home, we kissed, and my hand touched the tip of her chest. I had drunk three or four Irish coffees. My hand on the shoulder may have slipped? I employed women, there was never any problem. In the kitchen, when we meet, we touch the shoulder to warn each other. Why would she want me? I’ve no idea. Maybe she made it up so as not to disappoint her parents? »

The prosecutor says he is convinced “neither by one nor by the other”. He believes that two scenes, that of the dishwashing and that of the Saturday evening, are consistent. For the others… He requires entering the process of conviction for part of the facts, and asks for two months in prison with a simple suspended sentence. The defense lawyer, Me Erik Sainderichin, has a little chewed up work. “The restaurant is very small! To retrieve a pot from the sink, you have to touch yourself. »

The court has decided to sentence Franck to two months in prison, suspended but for all the facts. His registration in the Automated Criminal File of Sexual Offenders (Fijais) is ordered. He will have to pay 2,000 euros in damages to Bianca, who leaves the palace relieved.



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