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L’Assurance Maladie supports the exhibition “Cancer”, which opens its doors in the Cité des Sciences |

The Exhibition” Cancer addresses all the scientific, psychological and social dimensions of this complex disease. It puts the patient at the center of the matter, but also the caregivers and those who accompany them, and offers numerous testimonies about life during and after cancer. It also intends to allow visitors to better understand the disease and its treatments by offering them an inventory of current scientific knowledge showing both the biological mechanisms of the cancer-causing process and the therapeutic arsenal, whether conventional therapies (radiotherapy , chemotherapy, surgery) or new therapies (immunotherapy, hormone therapy). Finally, the exhibition’s battles received ideas about cancer, while raising public awareness of daily risk behaviors, but also of prevention and screening.

L’Assurance Maladie wanted to support this exhibition, which deals with a major public health problem and which aligns with its ambitions. : contribute to raising awareness of the disease and promising developments in research, but also raise awareness of prevention. 4 out of 10 cancers could actually be avoided if the latter were improved.

Photo credit: RomainMoretto and N Breton

More information about this exhibition on the website



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