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Lausanne: Tons of food wasted due to a double crash

The week got off to a bad start in a Lausanne supermarket. “We experienced a power cut on the night between Saturday and Sunday at Migros in Sévelin. This is an internal technical incident in our power supply system which has also affected the alarm unit linked to the installation. The problem was only discovered on Monday morning by our teams,” explains Migros Vaud’s communication service. So not only was the power cut off, but the system that was supposed to detect this type of failure also broke down.

But since the refrigerators did not work for more than twenty-four hours, we had to apply strict hygiene and food safety rules. All the ranges in question, which have become unfit for consumption, will be recycled for biogas and fertiliser,” continues Migros. In other words, all cold shelves and all warehouses at the back of the store had to be emptied. “We don’t have figures available, but it’s a loss of thousands of francs”, laments a communicator.

Under these conditions, the opening of the supermarket had to be postponed. While customers are usually welcome from 7.30am, it was this Monday around 10.45am that Migros de Sévelin opened its doors. And this after an authentic uproar. All store teams in the region (M Flon Europe, M Florissant, MM Chailly, MMM Métropole Lausanne and MMM Romanel) have been mobilized, as well as employees from the logistics, sales and marketing sectors, so there is a range worthy of the name. can be offered.

Stay informed in real time

Power shortages, load shedding and power outages have become concerns that we hear about daily. Should we fear that such a mess will happen again? “Usually an alarm system informs the teams in real time and helps prevent deterioration of the goods. Here it is a combination of extraordinary circumstances. Our technical teams are trying to identify the cause of the breakdown and measures will be taken to ensure that such a situation does not occur again”, comments Migros Vaud. And a spokesman for Migros Switzerland added: “Since the start of the current crisis, a unit has been working on many scenarios and we are in contact with the competent authorities.”



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