Left tied to a tree, this dog was rescued by hikers…then adopted!

A 3-year-old American Bully was discovered by mushroom pickers, tied to a tree in the middle of the forest, in Conteville-lès-Boulogne (62). A complaint of abandonment has been filed and the 30 Million Friends Foundation has filed a civil lawsuit. As for Rocky, he has already been adopted by a loving family!

In search of mushrooms, these pickers certainly did not expect to come across a poor abandoned dog! In the middle of the national forest in the town of Conteville-lès-Boulogne (62), Rocky was discovered tied to a tree. The hikers immediately contacted the national gendarmerie and the animal service Opale Capture Environnement – ​​partner of the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

It was hikers who alerted the gendarmerie to help the poor animal./©Opale Capture Environnement

Without the intervention of its rescuers, this poor animal would not have survivedsays Jérémie Marion, president of OCE, together with 30millionsdamis.fr. When they arrived, he even gave them a party! That he was abandoned like this is simply disgusting. »

According to our information, the owner of the animal – identified – is currently in prison. It is another person who had poor Rocky on guard who would have reserved this sad fate for him.

Rocky adopted for his 3 years!

Rescued, the dog was entrusted to the Boulonnais refuge. ” He is doing very wellconfirms to 30millionsdamis.fr Gilbert Pilloy, president of the refuge. This must change him from his old life… He is currently being monitored by the vet because he is showing signs of shock and burns. But what a formidable animal! He bears no grudge against man… »

The good news never came alone, Rocky melted a couple who visited the shelter. On the eve of his 3 years, the little American Bully was adopted! And for his birthday he got a lot of soreness.

Rocky celebrated his 3rd light in his new family!/DR

It’s actually a great storysmiles Gilbert Pilloy. He deserves this happiness after what he’s been through! »An enthusiasm shared by Jérémie Marion, also liberated from « see him safe and happy “.

This rescue would not have been possible without the excellent coordination between the various services. A complaint of abandonment has been filed and the 30 Million Friends Foundation has filed a civil lawsuit.

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