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Lidl is putting its famous pasta machine back on sale for less than 20 euros!

Lidl has finally put its famous pasta machine back on sale. And this, for the modest sum of € 19.99. There will not be for everyone !

What could be more delicious than a good dish of fresh pasta ? And if you think that’s hard to do, you’re kidding yourself. With Lidl’s pasta maker, you can make pasta yourself and cheaply. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Lidl, expert in low prices

Lidl is the store to go to if you are looking for low prices. Household objects, decorations, or utensils of all kindsyou will surely find your happiness and at a lower price.

In addition, with the approach of summer, the brand did well this year. Yes, the followers of the mark could see inflatable pools at bargain prices in the rays. It was therefore possible for customers to leave with an inflatable pool for less than 20 €.

The largest swimming pools can go up to 60 €, but the latter are then equipped witha water sprayer and even a small slide. Just that !

But that’s not all ! Always in the desire to delight its customers this summer, Lidl released a gas barbecue for the modest sum of 119 €. There are more than one who will enjoy themselves for the beautiful days that are approaching.

That said, if skewers and sausages aren’t your thing, how about a homemade pasta dish? Eh yes, Lidl has put its famous pasta machine back on sale. And all for less than €20. Customers are likely to be happy. MCE TV tells you more!

The pasta machine for less than 20 €

Italian food lovers will be delighted! You will finally be able make your own pasta without breaking the bank. And that, with a machine that knows the shelves of Lidl well.

In effect, this pasta machine had already been put up for sale at Lidl at the end of 2021. At that time, she had already made a hit. There is therefore no doubt that it will meet the same success now that it is back on the shelves.

Especially since this machine has it all! It is small and therefore very space-saving. Indeed, it measures only 21 × 20 × 15.5 cm. In addition, it is equipped with a screw vice that has protective pads so as not to damage your furniture while offering maximum stability.

She also owns three different rollers to be able to choose the thickness of your pasta. Thus, you can make both spaghetti and lasagna. Isn’t it fabulous?

Wait, you don’t know the best yet! This pasta machine costs only € 19.99 and has, in addition, a three-year guarantee. And this, despite inflation which has somewhat damaged the sign. We warned you, Lidl hit hard on this one!

So what are you waiting for rush in your nearest Lidl store ? These pasta machines are back on shelves since June 13, 2022, and they may go away like hot cakes. Do not wait any longer !



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