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Loire-Atlantique: in one night, she mysteriously loses her two dogs and her cat

Christelle, a resident of Issé, calls for witnesses to try to find her three animals that disappeared in one night: two dogs and a cat. ©Cécile ROSSIN

Since May 14, 2022Christelle has no news of her two dogs and a cat who had been his partner for 17 years. All three have mysteriously disappeared on the night of May 13 to 14. Since that date, this resident ofan isolated hamlet in Issé, near Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique), has multiplied the steps to try to find them. In vain.

So she tries a call for witnesses through the press.

Runaway or kidnapping by dog ​​thieves?

“I am in a great artistic blur: have they been stolen? did they escape? asks Christelle before detailing how she discovered their disappearance.

That night was the first she tried to sleep Orkan, a German Shepherd 3 years old (he will be 4 in August), and Sparrow, a “Labrador cross” 6 years old, in the kennel she had just set up on her property. “The kennel is backed by the building of an old farmhouse (which it uses for storage, editor’s note) which is not locked,” she explains.

The wooden door leading to the enclosure had, however, been carefully closed with a long bar and also “blocked with a wooden barrier maintained by a small freezer”, to prevent escape in case, by repeatedly leaning on the door, the bar does not come undone. Which had just happened a few days before, during the day.

The kennel had only been set up since May 8 and it was the first time they had spent the night in it. The first time I put the dogs in it, during the day, they escaped.

Christelle, owner of the missing animals

But Isséenne specifies: “As my neighbors pointed out to me, usually, even when they left my land, they always stayed close to the house”.

Additionally, there is also 17 year old cat Duchess mystery of Christine. “I realized, during the day of May 14, that she had also disappeared. People have told me that she must have gone into hiding to die… But I find the coincidence really improbable: that it happens the same night as the disappearance of my dogs”.

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The neighbours’ little dog has also disappeared.

The owner found in the morning, the kennel door open and the wooden fence on the ground, a good yard from the door. But she admits not having spotted any trace that could prove the intervention of thieves. Hence the “artistic blur” mentioned.

“I heard barking around 3 am, like my neighbor, but not in a way that could alert me. It was barking like when there is a foreign cat that passes on my land, for example…”.

What worries him, however, is this totally unusual prolonged absence in her animals, and also a similar event that happened this year right next to her home:

This winter, my neighbors experienced the same thing: their little dog suddenly disappeared. He often left their house but he always stayed around, too.


Calls for witnesses via social networks and emails to town halls

After looking for her animals in the vicinity of her home, she immediately posted wanted notices on social networksand in particular the dedicated Facebook groups such as “Pet ALERT”, “Pattes en cavale” and even “Information de la route Châteaubriant & co”, where Internet users regularly report stray animals.

“I also posted this on the L’entraide des Nantais network, because I work in Nantes. And it runs great. I also came into contact with the WAF association which was created following thehas disappearance of the dog Sunny in Finistèrevery relayed by the media in May”.

Christelle says she also “sent mails to about 40 town halls around Issé, in case my dogs are spotted. All my animals are identified (by chip and/or tattoo)”, she specifies.

The Isséenne also decided to file a complaint, four days after this triple disappearance. “ I lodged a complaint on May 18 with the gendarmerie of Nozay”.

Approached by mediums and “specialists” in animal communication

But for the time being, none of his steps have given the slightest convincing result. “On the other hand, I regularly receive calls or contacts from people who do animal communication (i.e. who claim to be able to communicate telepathically with animals, editor’s note), even mediums“, she reports, incredulous. “I did not follow up because I do not believe in these things at all,” she warns. “But these are sometimes quite anxiety-provoking messages“, she laments.

She hopes that, because the photos of her animals are relayed by a very large number of people, she will be able to either obtain information or persuade potential thieves to part with the dogs, who are too recognizable.

In the meantime, she has to deal with thisfeeling of helplessness left by this disappearanceeven if he still has “four cats and two horses”.

“My animals are always very present around me so thereit’s a hell of a void“, she describes with emotion.

If you have any information that could help Christelle in her research, you can contact her via her Facebook page. You can also contact the Nozay gendarmerie where the complaint was filed: 02 40 79 40 17.

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