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Lorraine. SPA launches a last hope for Jaco, a 5-year-old dog, hoping for a Christmas miracle

SLPA staff in Velaine-en-Haye (Meurthe-et-Moselle) are appealing for help for Jaco, a five-year-old Malinois. (©DR)

It is with a heavy heart that the employees in Velaine-en-Haye SLPA launch a Last hope for Jaco, a malinois five years old.

“Jaco is one of those dogs born and bred for one purpose: to be useful to man »can we read.

Jaco never knew the love of a real family

Arrived at an early age in a dog centertaught the Malinois to bite, “area where he excels”, and research.

Like many other dogs, Jaco will not be lucky enough to know only one family. No, as the shelter advises, it is passed from hand to hand, from family to family. Until it is left by its owners after a separation.

A loyal, friendly and demanding dog when it comes to activities

If the Malinois does not trust whoever comes first, he is described as loyal, kindly and a lot applicant when it comes to activities.

However, all this was not enough. A few months after arriving at the shelter, a year ago now, Jaco was adopted. Not until five months later does he have it is back at the shelter…

Jaco is one of his neglected dogs whose physical and physiological needs have never been met. Imagine that at the shelter his needs are even less met. All of these changes mean he can have unpredictable reactions at the shelter, even after being aggressive with a volunteer. However, despite his fiery temper, once his confidence is given, Jaco proves to be a very loving, protective and devoted dog. But there is still a dog that cannot be placed in the hands of just anyone.

Velaine-en-Haye SLPA

“A Bottle in the Sea”

If the members of the SLPA are “conscious of throwing a bottle in the sea“, they keep hoping that Jaco will finally find his home for life.

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The ideal would be a home childlessthat consists of people who are familiar with dogs with a strong temperament. The agreement with congeners must be seen on a case-by-case basis.

In the case of heart attackand if you want to be in the origin of one Christmas miracleyou can contact the Velaine-en-Haye SLPA on 03 83 23 33 34, on its Facebook page or go directly to the website.

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