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Macron’s hot files for his return from the US

LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Pensions, electricity, immigration: Macron’s hot issues for his return from the US (illustrative photo taken in August 2021)


Pensions, electricity, immigration: Macron’s hot issues for his return from the US (illustration photo taken in August 2021).

POLITICS – He did not wait to be in France to try to regain control. Emmanuel Macron gave two interviews this weekend, at the end of his trip to the United States. The first, Saturday, in TF1’s newspaper at 1 p.m. The second, published in the columns of Parisian that evening, and performed on the plane that brought him back to Paris.

A media offensive in two phases, as many opportunities to return to the questions about his lavish state visit to Washington, but also to get his hands dirty in French politics after a long dash away from Paris. In addition to traditional meetings such as the congress of mayors, the head of state has devoted most of his agenda to international issues since mid-November.

He went to Bali for the G20, then to Bangkok in Thailand or to Djerba in Tunisia to speak Francophonie, before spending four days in the US to scrap, in particular, the economic protection rules. In France, things promise to be just as delicate. Even eruptive, for some.

Don’t panic »

Emmanuel Macron, back in the field in Aix-en-Provence this Monday, December 5, at the Camp des Milles on the theme of memory, and then at a college to talk about education, will inevitably be asked about specific questions, regarding eg. potential power outages.

Proof of the subject’s sensitivity, the President of the Republic tried to clear the topic related to energy on Saturday from New Orleans, Louisiana. “Don’t panic, it’s useless”, he launched on TF1 at the end of his state visit. A formula intended to appease the spirits, taken up in stride by many media outlets. It must be said that several hours earlier it was his government that brought the issue to the fore by summoning journalists at the last minute, on Thursday, to explain the plan in the face of a possible overload of the power grid.

Since then, the opposition has seized on the many gray areas to wipe out the unpreparedness of the executive. Several elected representatives, on the right and left, are particularly concerned about the possible planned cuts in schools, in the wake of the unions.

We are the sixth economic power in the world and we are told that we will have to deal with blackouts… I think many French people feel this hypothesis as a national humiliation “, for example, reprimanded Ian Brossat, PCF deputy to the City Hall of Paris on Sunday on BFMTV, at a time when his party is calling for a debate in the Assembly on these possible electrical difficulties.

A busy end to the year

An illustration of the criticism that will likely continue to surface throughout the week. And this despite the first presidential attempt to deflate the subject. ” It is normal for the government to prepare an extreme case, because the last year has shown us, sometimes the unthinkable happens “, thus remarked the head of state on Saturday, before insisting:” It is the government’s responsibility, in collaboration with the competent actors, to prepare these scenarios and ensure that the country is not in complete disarray. »

And we can say that his government has (seasoned) bread on the board. In addition to energy, Elisabeth Borne is preparing to publish – on December 15 – the last arbitrations of the pension reform promised by Emmanuel Macron since 2017. A very unpopular text among the French and among the unions, all unanimously against its purpose.

No one looks forward to working a little longer,” hammered the head of state again in his long interview with Parisian Saturday,” but in order not to lower pensions and not to place new burdens on our children, we will have to make an effort. » A few days earlier, the prime minister had already confirmed the unchanged philosophy of the reform in the same daily newspaper.

What provokes new heated debates in the media… And a social mobilization in the streets before Christmas? The tense context crystallized around the stations this weekend with 6 out of 10 TGVs canceled due to a strike by controllers. Two other days of protest are already planned at SNCF this week, while the threat hangs over journeys at the end of the year. So many files to manage for the government, which launches from Tuesday in a parliamentary debate on … immigration. History to animate the discussions before the confectioners’ truce.

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