Maddy and Benji Samat: Soon ready for another child? The young mother answers promptly!

By Camille Mutin

– Published it 13 November 2022 at 3:30 p.m

Maddy and Benji welcomed their first child a month ago. Are young parents already ready for another? We tell you everything!

After nine months of idyllic pregnancy, just like the birth, Maddy welcomed her first child, a little boy named Andrea, the fruit of her love for Benji. If the pregnancy went well, the afterbirth is more complicated! Andrea is a rather excitable baby, and prone to regurgitation and colic. After many changes of milk and bottles, Maddy said, ” It’s my instinct since I’m not a doctor, but since the beginning for me the main problem is reflux and rejection. For me, I have a baby GERD I am convinced of it, it really corresponds to all the symptoms (…) I really wanted to treat the problem with an anti-reflux milk, a thicker AR milk, to see what it did ». Today Maddy is doing an online FAQ to give news about her son, and also mentions baby number 2… We tell you all.

Maddy, “We want the best of it”

During a FAQ on Instagram, Maddy gives news about Andrea. Is he better? She replies: ” Yes, much better. Although there are periods of relapse, and when it is not reflux, it is colic, I still managed to relieve the pain as much as possible. ». Good news! But did these dangers deter the couple from giving Andrea a little brother or sister? The young mother answers bluntly… We’ll tell you more.

© Instagram / @maddyburciaga
© Instagram / @maddyburciaga

In her story, Maddy shares this question: “ Do you want another child? If so, close or rather far from Andrea? ». The young mother replies: “Yes, but not right away, we want to enjoy as much as possible with Andrea. I don’t believe in two or three years ». It will therefore be necessary to be patient to see the family grow! Stay connected.

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