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Married at first sight: Laure and Matthieu ready for another child?

Already parents of a little girl, the former Married at First Sight candidates Laure and Matthieu responded to rumors of another baby.

Laure and Matthieu, former candidates for Married at First sight, have made things clear about the arrival of another child in their home. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Married at first sight: the candidates start a family

The show Married at First sight has given many souls in pain the opportunity to find love. But for some it goes even further.

In fact, some lucky people who have found the love of their life in Married at First sight started a family. uh yes some graduates had children!

This is the case of Matthieu Saussetparticipating in season 4 of Married at First sight. After divorcing Solenne, he found love again.

He therefore embarked on the challenge of his life: becoming a father. Last March, the two lovebirds announced the good news on Instagram. Matthew even revealed the name of his grandson.

He is not the only candidate to Married at First sight In this case. Take effect, Tiffany and Julienstar contestants in season 1, had a second child in 2019.

On Instagram, Tiffany wrote: “1+1=4 ❤️. Love doesn’t divide, it multiplies”. A lovely message!

And precisely the question of another child comes up very often with another couple Married at First sight. In fact, fans of Laure and Matthieu want to see their family grow.

So on October 23, the couple would like to make things clear on this topic. Laure explained on Instagram. MCE TV tells you more!

Laure and Matthieu react to rumors of a second baby

In season 5 of Married at First sight, Laure and Matthieu were able to find each other, to say “yes” to each other on the show. Since, the couple has come a long way.

In fact, they became the parents of one little girl named Lya. But that’s not all. The couple also have large professional projects.

In fact, the couple manages a joint project with a bed and breakfast in Normandy. A beautiful proof of love from Laure, who had expressed her fear of leaving Paris for love.

But the years go by, and the couple’s fans Married at First sight hope to see the family grow. So on October 23, Laure made things clear on Instagram.

Faced with the insistence on this question, she was more than honest. “I want to close with this question that came up I don’t know how many times… Stop this pressure please”she explained.

“We are barely finding our places as a couple, young parents. We have good projects in perspective and at the moment we are good for three », she said. At least things are said!

There is no doubt that the candidates from Married at First sight are very busy with their work. In addition to bed and breakfast, Matthieu has actually started as a real estate agent.

As for Laure, she created her website where she gives decorating advice. It is therefore necessary to find the time and desire to enlarge the family. It won’t be right away!



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