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Massive recall in France at LIDL these foods are potentially dangerous to health they must not be eaten, these are cakes

While a large number of products are constantly being recalled, it is the turn of cakes from Lidl. In just over a year, 4,723 food recalls were issued. This gives an average of more than 300 per month. But who else had to be called back.

Carrefour recalled

While the cost of living continues to rise, the French are looking to save money where possible. As for example in preserves. But they were also victims of recall. So therefore, if you have bought cans from Carrefour in the previous three months, do not consume them. You can take them back to the store and get your money back. Due to the recall, a lack of microbiological stability. “These products have been manufactured and/or stored under conditions that do not allow satisfactory health guarantees to be provided” was specified in the recall notice. The recalled product is the 1260 g can of cassoulet from Carrefour.

Buitoni too

Buitoni brand pizzas were also victims of contamination, as were Kinder. Possibly contaminated, all Fraîch’up pizzas purchased before March 18, 2022. They could have been purchased in any store, Auchan, Leclerc etc. The risks are E. Coli bacteria. They cause symptoms 2 to 8 days after contamination. Nevertheless, healing is due to contamination but usually a week. The main risk of E. Coli, is dehydration which can be fatal

Organic garden not so healthy

The product in question is Jardin Bio’s pack of eight salt-free and gluten-free vegetable broths. If you bought it between April 12 and December 3, you are invited to bring the product back to the store. Although they are no longer for sale today, it is possible that you have it in stock at home.

Lidl called to order

Lidl’s chocolate biscuits have been removed from sale. In question, traces of possible allergens not stipulated in the label. Including milk, soy, eggs, sesam seeds and other nuts. This represents a significant risk for anyone who may be allergic to it. The recall procedure states “Following a labeling error, some products were offered for sale with foreign language packaging”.

Thus, sensitive or allergic people are strongly advised not to consume these products and to bring them back to the nearest Lidl point of sale in order to be reimbursed.

The product in question is Sondey’s Organic Dark Chocolate Bar Biscuit Pack. Sold between June 2 and 9 in most Lidl stores. The bundles are L2022105 and L2022147 or GTIN 20928827. They have DLC until April 15 and May 27, 2023.

How do I know which products are likely to be recalled?

The website lists all the recalled products. The website was launched by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) in April 2021.



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