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Isabelle Balkany’s lawyers protest against her being sent to prison

According to them, the physical and psychological state of Isabelle Balkany is incompatible with a prison sentence.

A few minutes after the announcement of the revocation of the placement under an electronic bracelet of the Balkany spouses, and therefore of the sending in detention of Isabelle Balkany, the latter’s lawyers, Me Pierre-Olivier Sur and Me Clara Gérard-Rodriguez, believe in a press release that this decision “is a new illustration of a symbolic justice”.

“The catalyst of public opprobrium”

“Aged 75, in an extremely degraded physical and psychological state, Isabelle Balkany has already lost everything during these criminal proceedings which will have lasted nearly ten years: her political functions, almost all of her heritage, her honor … And the name of the Balkany became the catalyst for public opprobrium, even hatred,” it also read.

In this same document the two lawyers wonder about this detention. “In fact, his probation, under an electronic bracelet, met all the functions of the sentence” they believe, recalling that the prosecution had not identified “any major breach” in recent months.



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