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Taking the example of the EU, the US plans to switch to the universal charger: the time to shine for USB-C

The European Union’s decision to impose a single charger for the European market seems to have inspired the United States. Several U.S. lawmakers signed a letter sent to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to “develop a comprehensive plan that will protect both consumers and the environment by addressing the lack of a common U.S. pricing standard.” .

Bad news for Apple. The Cupertino company is in a hurry from all sides to fit into the mold and adopt a common charger for all manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and other technological devices. After pressure from the European Union to adopt USB-C as the only connector, it is now the United States’ turn to do the same. Inspired by the European initiative, American legislators wish to impose a common charger on the American market.

“We cannot allow the consumer electronics industry to prioritize proprietary and inevitably obsolete charging technology at the expense of consumer protection and environmental health,” they say in their letter. to the US Secretary of Commerce. If they don’t mention Apple, it’s hard not to see an allusion to the company.

The irreducible Apple

The firm at the apple is indeed the last to resist the adoption of a common charger, at least on the European market. The vast majority of smartphone manufacturers have already adopted, and have for a long time, the format recommended by the EU, namely USB-C. It must be said that the file has been on the table for a good ten years. So they had plenty of time to put themselves in order, but an actor continues to act up; Apple.

The company has indeed continued to criticize the universal charger project, ensuring that it would slow down technological developments.

However, it no longer has a choice, it will have to comply with the EU requirement by 2024 if it wants to continue selling its products on the European market – unless it offers devices without any ports. , which is also possible.

If the United States were to adopt a common charger, Apple would not be totally confused since the EU will have already prepared it.

Environmental concerns

In their letter, the lawmakers cite the “economic and environmental harm caused by the consumer electronics industry’s failure to establish uniform standards for charging accessories” as an argument, prompting them “to change loading accessories frequently.

Arguments that are very similar to those of the EU for the adoption of USB-C as a universal charger. American politicians make no secret of this and are asking the Secretary of Commerce to follow the example of the EU, because this would “reduce unnecessary costs for consumers, reduce electronic waste and restore common sense and certainty in the process of buying new electronics.

The USB-C connector?

At no point in the letter is USB-C mentioned as the connector of choice, but the chances of it being advocated as the format to adopt are high. Besides the EU example, most manufacturers – and not just smartphones – have already adopted it, due to the advantages it offers.



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