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Massive recall in France, this food is contaminated it must quickly be thrown away or brought back to the store, these are sachets of iceberg salad

Recently, Malo brand yogurts have been recalled throughout France. That said, it was a big loss since these products are among those most consumed. But this time, it’s another food that must bow out on the supermarket shelves. Indeed, the presence of Listeria in a bagged iceberg salad led to a consumption recall. Want to know more? We will reveal more details in the following paragraphs. To your readings!

Conso reminder: a new product recalled!

Decidedly, it seems that more and more products are being recalled in France. Indeed, the Rappel Conso platform continues to alert consumers to certain items on sale in supermarkets. As a reminder, yogurts from the brand malo were the last product alerted. Also, this is due to the presence of the E.coli bacteria in the food!

A few days earlier, Rappel Conso published another announcement concerning the smoked salmon of the “Bourgain et fils” brand. And besides, it was also another product that is very popular! However, we can systematically see that the list is not yet ready to close. At present, the recall now affects the fruit and vegetable departments! We give you more details in the following lines!

Florette iceberg salad

This Wednesday, June 15, 2022, packets of raw iceberg salad from the Florette brand were alerted by Rappel Conso. The reason ? Well, it would seem that the diet contains the presence of Listeria ! This feed lot also includes 85% iceberg lettuce, 7.5% red cabbage and 7.5% carrot. In addition, these are all finished products ready to be consumed immediately! The reason ?

In addition, these Florette brand products were marketed during a whole week ! Its date of marketing is between 05/23/2022 and 05/31/2022. Unfortunately, these packets of raw iceberg salad have already made the rounds of France. Indeed, the food was also available in department stores and supermarkets. Like Kosher: Hyper Cacher, Leader Cash and kosher independent discounts. The end date of the consumption reminder is 06/28/2022!

Reminder Conso: Throw away the product!

Unlike most bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes can grow and multiply at low temperatures. Which makes it a potential problem even in properly refrigerated foods. A study also revealed a relatively high percentage of fruit and vegetable products. This finding highlights the bacteria’s ability to grow in “cold environments”. As Rappel Conso said!

That said, it is strongly advised to return the product to the stores, or worse throw it ! The Conso Reminder sheet is as follows: GTIN: 3303910005804, Batch: 3.1e12120757. However, you can contact the number below if you want more information! It’s “0468287589”!



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