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This Lyonnais who wants to bring lawyers into the metaverse

“I am convinced that the metaverse is the future”. This sentence is not signed Mark Zuckerberg but Antoine Bert, entrepreneur from Lyon. The 27-year-old has developed online virtual offices for the Parisian law firm PacisLexis Family Law, which specializes in family law.

The idea is not to settle his divorce in a parallel world, helmet screwed on the head, but to “to make lawyers more accessible and available, explains Antoine Bert. The objective is to offer law firms the same velocity as in a start-up”.

Holder of a law degree, Antoine Bert then continued his studies with an Eden master’s degree (entrepreneurship and development of new businesses), at the IAE of Lyon 3. Passionate about web 3 and entrepreneurship, he then founded Digital Law, platform for connecting clients and lawyers. It was incubated at the Lyon 3 Manufactory. It was during this experience that he said he “realized that the lawyers had a technical debt”he explains.

At the beginning of 2020, during the first confinement, he met Maître Kawaishi, founder of PacisLexis Family Law, who was seeking to develop tools for client relations. This is how the metaverse project was born, launched at the beginning of February.

What does a law firm look like in the metaverse?

Closed offices, a conference room, a kitchen, a coworking space… The premises of the PacisLexis Family law firm have the same spaces in the metaverse as in reality.

The interface is based on simple graphics. Each user – client, lawyer, visitor, etc. – must create an avatar, like in a video game, and can communicate by videoconference. He can go knock on the door of an office, share a coffee in the kitchen, or attend a conference.

Except that the price per m² is much lower than in reality. A detail that is not one in Paris.



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