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Medicare relieved of part of its deficit

Written September 23, 2022, 7:14 amUpdated on September 25, 2022 at 9.30

Small budgetary handout in sight. According to our information, the government wants to transfer taxes to the family department of Social Security, namely part of the allowances for women on maternity leave. And this instead of the disease branch.

This transfer, which should be recorded in the next social security budget for 2023, presented next week, will be painless for women on maternity leave. However, it should contribute to creating a small balance between the different branches of social security.

The Covid-19 crisis has really crashed health insurance accounts. The deficit exceeded €30 billion in 2020 and remained historically high at €26 billion in 2021. The economic recovery and inflation have supported the contributions in 2022. This dynamic should make it possible to partially fill the “gap”, but the balance is still not in sight, and the executive board is looking for solutions for the future, while the progress in spending is not going to stop.

Postpartum benefits

At the same time, the family branch responsible for household support, housing support or combating insecurity was in the green in 2021 with a profit close to 3 billion euros.

Hence the idea in the executive power to better distribute the burden between branches and to transfer the mission to the National Family Benefit Fund, to pay part of the benefits that compensate for the loss of income for women on maternity leave. This transfer, which is likely to anger defenders of family policy, would only concern benefits paid after birth, according to several sources. The amounts involved are around 2 billion euros.

The government is preparing other financial transfers to relieve the health insurance. He has opened discussions with health insurance companies to transfer around 150 million euros in expenses that the social security has today assumed, according to information from “Echos”, confirming the information of “L’Argus de l’assurance”. The extent of these transfers is not specified at this time.

Transfers to complementary

Supplemental health insurance, worried about having an important place in the health care coverage system, sees a good idea in the idea of ​​taking on new health care costs on the condition that they have levers to control them. .

The insurance companies hope to have more peaceful relations with the government than in the previous five-year period, marked by debates about the creation of a “big Secu”, which would have marginalized the complementary ones. Health insurance companies also had to collect an extraordinary tax of 1.5 billion euros during the Covid crisis.

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