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Unemployment insurance. Job abandonment soon more compensated

The bill that was under consideration last week was supposed to be a pure renewal of the current unemployment insurance agreement, which expires at the end of the month. It finally opens the door to the loss of rights for the unemployed.

Last Wednesday, the deputies adopted an amendment that dealt with the establishment of the presumption of resignation in the event of abandonment of the position. The text presented by “Les Républicains” and supported by the President’s majority, will far from be anecdotal, but will make it possible to deprive all those who have been dismissed after giving up their post of unemployment benefits.

No impact study of the effects

“The phenomenon is constantly increasing”reasoned ministerial delegate for vocational training, Carole Grandjean, with satisfaction on an amendment to stem the situation.

At the origin of the text, the deputy LR Jean-Louis Thiériot tells to have “met for months a whole range of businesses, from small bakeries to restaurants and school transport, which are victims of overnight job cuts by a few employees (…) who use it to obtain unemployment”he assures.

However, no statistics have been compiled to show that such a phenomenon exists or that it harms employers. No more than a consequence study of the effects such a change will have on unemployment benefits recipients.

Deprived of a way out

What does this mean for Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt, who, without a quantified survey before the vote, acknowledged that there were “a mistake”, “to the extent that an employee who leaves his position has access to more favorable compensation terms than a resigning employee”.

The purpose of the amendment is thus to model the conditions for compensation according to the applicable rules on resignation, namely for the vast majority of situations four months’ deprivation of unemployment benefits.

Today, only a handful of people who have quit can claim benefits, especially if they follow a spouse or start a business. “The right solution would be to stop distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate resignations, between so-called voluntary or involuntary unemployment and to offer all the benefits of unemployment.”suggests Denis Gravouil, from the CGT.

While the right wing and the majority describe leaving the job as a ploy to easily get unemployment benefits, the equation would actually be the opposite for the union man. ” It is above all employers who advise their employees to give up their position when they want to get rid of it without signing a mutual agreement.he says.

The provision will also deprive overdue employees of a way out of the company when conventional notice is refused. The change is an attack on“employee protection”convicted deputies in Nupe’s ranks.



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