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Menu of the week: recipe ideas from June 20 to 26

” What do we eat tonight ? “. A question that may seem innocent, but which often turns out to be more problematic than it seems. For this week, title to seek further. We have concocted just for you, a unique menu, with summer recipes – and this, for each day of the week. The little extra? Dishes without cooking, fresh and light, which are in the spotlight. On the starter side, salads, carpaccio and cold vegetable soups catch our eye. Tuesday, International Music Day and the official start of summer, let yourself be tempted by a festive menu based on Mexican tacos, and crispy strawberries with cereals and chocolate. On Thursday, we pay homage to our Italian neighbors through a set of traditional recipes that always please, namely carpaccio, seasonal lasagna and tiramisu. We reserve the recipes for longer preparations such as the pavlova for the weekend, without forgetting the comforting pizza evening on Sunday evening. Enjoy your lunch !

What menu for the week?


Chickpea, bell pepper, corn salad
Shrimp and broccoli papillote
No-Bake Express Strawberry Pie


Melon, feta and pickled cucumber salad
Octopus tacos, pico de gallo
Crispy strawberries with cornflakes, chocolate and hazelnuts from Piedmont


Cucumber ricotta basil
Pasta salad with candied tomatoes and zucchini
Chocolate flowing hearts


Cucumber melon carpaccio
Zucchini and feta lasagna
Traditional tiramisu


Zucchini gazpacho with turmeric
Asian salad with stir-fried beef
Cherry donuts


Salad of cucumber, melon, mint and yogurt sauce
Korean crispy fried chicken
Spicy Strawberry Pavlovas


Sweet and savory caprese salad
Pizza with zucchini dough
Frozen melon and yogurt mousse

What shopping list?

In his shopping cart, it is impossible to miss the key ingredient for sunny days: cucumber of course! Composed of 95% water, this green vegetable, which could not be more refreshing, slips into many recipes. Moreover, the cucumber can be cut in many ways, enough to vary the presentations. Still in the fruit and vegetable section, tomatoes, zucchini, melons, strawberries and cherries are popular this week! So many seasonal foods, which bring vitamins and freshness to our weekly menus.

As for dairy products, we don’t forget the feta and ricotta which gently decorate our house salads, as well as the mascarpone, essential for the preparation of tiramisu. In the meat and fish section, we choose shrimp, boneless chicken, and sirloin of beef, which we will marinate for just 1 hour, to enhance our Asian salad on Friday. Obviously, lasagna and orecchiettes (or pasta of your choice) will be there. And to end on a high note; a bar of dark chocolate will be needed to make the essential flowing hearts.



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