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MetLife reviews its rates as a borrower

MetLife lends a helping hand to the wealthy. In the current inflationary context, MetLife is taking a step towards its target customers and announcing a reduction in its borrower insurance rates of up to 20%. “A way to best support its customers, given the increase in loan rates and the rate of attrition, which was even revised in October, remains low“, explains the company in a press release. This reduction will only concern the coverage of loans over 400.00 euros and will be applied to all ages from 35 to 70 years.

These minimum amounts correspond to the services that MetLife has established to reach their target markets. “The tall capitals“and” seniors» has received tailored treatment by the American insurance company for several years. For example, seniors benefit from 24-month bridging loans with a maximum value of 400,000 euros, coverage based on a simple medical questionnaire and without examinations. This option is extended up to age 85, and policyholders can also take out death cover up to age 90.

For “high capital», whose capital is over one million euros, MetLife provides dedicated teams to respond to their specific requests. The company also allows you to take out death cover of up to 50 million euros.




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