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Ready for the 11th Cabbage Sausage Party

The 11th e Arconsat Cabbage Sausage Festival takes place on Sunday 13 November in the center of town all day.

The traditional event is organized by the Brotherhood of Arconsat Cabbage Sausage in collaboration with the Arconsat Festival Committee, the football club, the classes of 2023 Arconsat-Chabreloche and the parents of the school’s students Saint Joseph.

The meal, offered from 8:00 to 14:00, consists entirely of local products. On the menu pâté de tête, cabbage sausage with potatoes, cheese, apple pumper and coffee for €15.

From 08:00 a local market is planned as well as numerous activities with a visit to the Carton Salaisons d’Auvergne workshops and a demonstration of how Arconsat cabbage sausage is made. This Monday morning, the members of the Cabbage Sausage Brotherhood made 600 kg of cabbage sausages and on Saturday morning 150 kg of paté de tête.




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