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Mosel. Two loose kittens in the northern Vosges

Lycka, the only female boreal loon present in the Vosges, gave birth to two cubs. While the species is highly endangered in the region, an automatic device placed by a naturalist captured images of the mother and her two kittens in the forests of the northern Vosges. By 2021, Lycka had already given birth to a litter, just a year after her release in the Palatinate massif near the French border. It was the first reproduction observed since the disappearance of the species in the 17th century in the Grand Est. A dozen lynx are currently listed in the wild between the border area and the Haute-Vosges. The absence of other females raises fears about the impossibility of reproduction of the species when Lycka is already 11 years old. Specialists are calling for new releases to avoid an almost inevitable disappearance despite this good news.



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