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Mutualistic animals: at what cost to protect them?

More than every second household has a pet. To protect and care for our animals, mutuals exist. These pet insurance policies cover certain types of medical and preventive treatment. When should you insure your pet and at what price? Let’s take stock of mutual insurance prices for dogs, cats or any other pet.

When do you get pet insurance?

The choice of pet insurance is primarily based on the age of your pet. This is actually the first criterion that is examined by insurance companies. Some even refuse to insure animals over 7 years old. It is therefore recommended to take out a pet company as soon as possible. This will allow you to pay less for your subscription and plan for all future vet costs.

Important: If your pet has had health problems before, be aware that the insurance company generally does not cover care related to this pathology.

I want to insure my pet at the best price

How does pet insurance work?

A dog, cat or NAC policy (new pets such as reptiles, rodents and birds) allows reimbursement for certain medical and preventive care. As with personal insurance, the amount of refunds and the actions that are reimbursed depend on the formula chosen.

Mutual insurance for dogs or cats pays on average for:

  • Operations and anesthesia
  • radiology
  • A prevention package (vaccine, pest control, etc.)
  • Routine medical care
  • Medicine

Mutual for animals can refund up to 2000 euros depending on the chosen formula.

How do you get reimbursed for veterinary expenses?

Choosing animal insurance helps to minimize the costs of veterinary care and to cover unforeseen expenses. Insurance companies offer different insurance formulas with more or less comprehensive levels of guarantee. We advise you to make different offers to compare the different offers. Some refund 100% of the vet fee.

Be careful when taking out mutual insurance for your already sick animal. In fact, care related to this pathology will not be compensated.

Specifically, when you have taken out insurance for your animal, the reimbursement procedures are identical to those for humans. Simply send the invoice to your insurance company to get a refund.

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How does the price of insurance vary?

The price of animal health insurance varies depending on the profile of the animal and the chosen formula:

  • Insurance formula: basic, intermediate or optimal
  • Animal type: the price will be higher for a purebred cat and dog than for a NAC (rabbit, rat, ferret, hamster, etc.)
  • Breed of the animal: Insurance companies often apply additional premiums to purebred dogs and cats, which pose a greater health risk. Some breeds are more confident than others.
  • Your pet’s age

As with any type of insurance, it is the risk measure that can increase your premium as well as the number of desired guarantees. Therefore, insurance premiums are higher for purebred and older animals. If there are mutual health contracts for animals of less than 10 euros per month, it is better to compare the level of coverage.

What to remember about the cost of dog or cat insurance

To know whether you should take out pet insurance or not, you need to analyze your pet’s profile:

  • His age
  • His race
  • His health
  • His medical history

As a general rule, insurance companies refuse to insure animals that are too old (more than 7 or 8 years). Similarly, insurance companies refuse to cover care in connection with a chronic, hereditary pathology and before the contract is signed.

Good to know: dogs in the first and second category require specific and mandatory insurance.

Despite the differences in offers and formulas, most insurance companies cover at least:

  • Veterinary consultations
  • Routine medical care
  • Medicine
  • Operations and anesthesia
  • Radiology acts

When you decide to take out mutual insurance for your pet, you need to make different offers. Go to this online pet insurance comparator to study the different pet insurance companies, we often think of the best known which are MACIF, MAIF, SANTEVET, CREDIT MUTUEL, ASSUROPOIL, but there are others.

We advise you to be alert on various points to find the mutual animal insurance company at the best price: support caps, exclusions of guarantees, waiting periods and excess amounts.



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