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Near Toulouse, a hunter shoots a dog, the pet amputated with a leg


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A Beauceron was targeted by rifle fire on Sunday October 2 in Fronton, north of Toulouse. The animal was amputated and the suspect will soon be tried by the criminal court. Narco’s family is launching a solidarity kitty to help them finance the care.

Narcopretty 5-year-old Beauceron, a cuddly and full of life sweetie will never be able to run like before again…”, regrets Céline Gardel, the president of the 4Pattounes association, which campaigns for the protection of animals.

On October 2, around 8 am, Margaux (1) went to the garden of her house, located in Fronton, in the north of the department. She takes advantage of this morning to take her dog out and feed her animals, chickens and horses. Upon returning to the house, half an hour later, this woman is not worried when she hears her doggie barking in front of the gate. On this sunny Sunday, it is surely the passage of several hunters that excites him.

Suddenly, a shot rang out. And this shot is followed by barking of pain. Margaux and her granddaughters are in shock. By reflex, this mother immediately goes out in front of her property to try to understand what is at stake. Very quickly, this lady discovers Narco, her beauceron, in blood. While she takes care of the animal, her husband catches up with a hunter who tries to flee. At this moment, this armed individual seems distraught. He admits to having shot the canine, “for fear of being attacked”. The bullet literally tore Narco’s leg off.

soon to be judged

Very quickly taken care of by a veterinarian, the dog is finally amputated. In the process, its owners lodged a complaint with the Fronton gendarmerie. Faced with the military, this man explains that he has a phobia of dogs. But according to Céline Gardel, this version is more than questionable. “It’s not a defensive shot. Narco was not attacking him. He was point-blank and wanted to end it. And when you’re afraid of dogs, you don’t hunt,” said the police captain.

The hunter is summoned to court in the coming weeks. In the meantime, a solidarity kitty has been opened to help the family pay for care. The 4Pattounes association also filed a complaint and filed a civil action.

(1) first name changed


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