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This cat struts around the streets of London every day on the edge of her master’s bike (video)

Sigrid has nothing to envy to her peers, despite her deafness. She lives a dream life with her beloved master, Travis, and already has a huge following. His 5-star carriage may have something to do with it…

A beautiful pussy Norwegian named Sigrid is well known to the people of Londonreports the Time Out, but not only. The wild-looking feline seduces not only passers-by, but also netizens, and has thousands of followers on the pages Youtube and instagram which are dedicated to him.

His master, Travis Nelson, is not there for nothing. This dad hen quickly established a daily ritual for him and the pretty Sigridfrom the first days of confinement: cycling through the streets of London.

He tells the Time Out : “ I was bored, so I started cycling. Then one day I thought it would be fun to take Sigrid with me, so I put her in my basket. She loved it, and so we haven’t stopped doing it since that day. »

Bike rides in the heart of the English capital

Accustomed from an early age, the feline with beautiful white hair settles comfortably in the basket of the bicycle of Travis, and follows him everywhere through the city. Mademoiselle already has a routine of her own, and doesn’t let herself be disturbed by the big doggies she meets in the street. She even hisses at them!

The favorite spots of Sigrid are at Covent Garden. As soon as she comes across the open door of a store, she does not hesitate to take a look inside. ” She is very curious! confides his London master. She has become a regular at the local cafes, whose Chamomile’s Cafewhere treats await him behind the counter…

The city diva hasn’t lost her wild side

Travis often films the pretty Sigrid who stops to greet her audience, but the diva isn’t always in the mood to star. Sometimes she just hisses at them. Fortunately, his fans do not hold it against him.

And when she finds herself Regent’s Park, the Norwegian Forest Cat quickly regains its wild instincts. The squirrels just have to stand up to this seasoned hunter! In any case, the duo that form Travis and Sigrid is only in its infancy, and new adventures, each more wonderful than the other, await them…



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