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New details on crop insurance reform

New details on crop insurance reform

A decree of December 29, 2022 establishes the characteristics of crop insurance contracts that make it possible to receive a subsidy and the obligations and operation of the network of authorized interlocutors to pay compensation under national solidarity.

The reform ofcrop insurance was to take effect in a few days. A decree of 29 December 2022 provides detailed information on the conditions under which farmers can receive crop insurance support and sets out the characteristics of the insurance contracts that allow them to receive the subsidy.

That terms of access crop insurance assistance will not change from 2022 and earlier years. The farmer must apply for crop insurance assistance when submitting his Pac statement by 15 May 2023 pay their insurance premium by 31 October of the year in which the request is made and return to DDT by 30 November the contract declaration form.

As a reminder, as part of the reform of risk management tools, the subsidy rate for crop insurance contracts has been increased to 70% (against only 60% until now).

Modes of operation for the network of individual interlocutors

The decree also describes the obligations and operating methods for network of approved contacts who will be able to pay compensation from the national solidarity fund. The Ministry of Agriculture had indicated in a press release of 19 December 2022 that the conditions had not yet been met to allow the insurance companies to intervene in the management of compensation for the uninsured and that the state would assume this role as head of the public . compensation until 31 December 2023 for the latter.


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