Desperate to find their missing cat, this family receives surprising news 3 years later

Shadow had run away from the family home after a move, much to the dismay of his family members. 3 years later they had very little hope of finding him. And yet the cat was not far away…

In 2019, the family Welch left town Westbury for that of Nunneyin England. Unfortunately, their 6-month-old kitten ran away during the move. The young Shade was nowhere to be found and this event really upset his family members….

Days, months and years have passed, but Shade still gave no signs of life, reports BBC. While the family’s hope dwindles day by day, 3 years later they will learn that their cat has been found and identified thanks to its electronic chip.

Shadow had never actually left the town of Westbury

Shortly after the move, it seems that the black and white tom went Carolyn Latifanother resident of Westbury. The woman realized this when she noticed that the biscuits from her pussy, Syrup, had mysteriously disappeared. ” I knew she couldn’t eat them that fast she says.

Illustration of the article: Desperate to find their missing cat, this family receives surprising news 3 years later

Crystal Welch

So she got her hands on the culprit: the famous one Shadelooks shabby and a little sad ”, who seemed to have taken refuge in her home. Carolyn then fed him for some time. So when she realized he was chipped and probably had an injury, she took him in RSPCAa local shelter.

A happy ending

It is in this place Shade could be returned to its owners. Wonderful news for Crystal and his family that they no longer expected. “ We are shocked but very, very happy she confides. Carolyn is also ” to the angels ” to know Shade in good hands.

After being treated for sore ears and a flea infestation, the tom cat was able to return to its home and be reunited with its feline sister and the 2 house dogs. Everyone is on their little cloud…

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