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Not even open yet, the restaurant La Table de Spa is already the victim of a theft: “What a disappointment”

At the beginning of December, we announced that a new restaurant, La Table de Spa, will open in the city center during the month. It is Maureen Verbrugge and Vincenzo Averna, a young couple who decide to realize their dream: to start their own establishment. But this Monday morning, while the restaurant is not yet open, the owners have a bad surprise: someone stole one of their patio heaters. “What a disappointment. We are not yet open to the fact that we are already suffering from the dishonesty of some”, the owners write on Facebook disappointed.

The couple from Spa then share this unfortunate misdeed, with the hope that the message will be heard by the person affected by this theft. “Hopefully if the person who took it sees this post, it would really be a good idea to bring it back.” Honesty is not everyone’s favorite style, but it is still the best thing a person can wear. »

The owners encourage the thief to go to the restaurant to drop off the patio heater, even when they are not on site to receive it. “It will be a better surprise for us to find out the next morning that he has resumed his place on our terrace.”




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