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A dog with special needs has been desperately waiting for a home for 4 long years

It’s official, poor Lola has spent most of her life in a shelter. This sad record has prompted WAG Animal Shelter volunteers to redouble their efforts to find her a loving family, one that will give her all the love she so desperately needs.

On 23 November Daily Hive came back to the unfortunate story of Lola. This pit bull 5 year old lives in WAG Animal shelterin the US state of Michigan, for 4 long years.

A poor female dog marked by her past

Lola described as ” a special female dog with special needs of the crisis center members. In fact, she has been on anti-anxiety treatment for some time because it helps her better deal with her worries related to her difficult past.

It is therefore crucial for this pit bull to be adopted by loving, patient and understanding masters of her suffering. In his future family, Lola must also be able to benefit from a calm and soothing living environment, without children or other animals.

Will Lola get the best Christmas present?

The year-end celebration is approaching, and it is more and more unbearable in the eyes of the volunteers to see Lola pass them alone. ” We do everything we can to make her days fun and full of adventure, but most of the time she is lonely and sad. they expressed themselves.

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The members of WAG Animal shelter therefore, continue to post pictures in her honor, in the hope that she will eventually catch the eye of her forever family. All they want is for this love-starved dog to get the most beautiful Christmas present…




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