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of Apple employees vote to form a union

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In the United States, unions continue to appear in large corporations. After the workers of Amazon and Starbucks, it is the turn of those of an Apple store to unionize. A first within the group.

With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

The vote took place inside an Apple store in suburban Baltimore, Maryland. Out of 110 employees, 65 declared themselves in favor of the creation of a union.

If this was not the first vote of this kind in an Apple Store, it is the first time that it has led to such a result. By creating a union, the employees of this store hope to have their say in particular on wages, hours and security measures related to Covid.

A growing movement

In announcing the results, participants denounced interference from management, which they said waged a campaign to pressure and dissuade employees from joining a union.

This victory is in addition to that of other employees within other major American groups. An Amazon site near New York, Starbucks coffees, a movement that is spreading a little more every day, especially since the epidemic, and which has revitalized the American labor movement, which has been in decline for decades. Today, the organizers are often young people, graduates, who campaign for better working conditions, especially when it comes to groups that generate billions of dollars each year.

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