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Olivier Dubois’ family lawyer requests the appointment of a judge

A little over a year after the kidnapping of Martinican journalist Olivier Dubois, the lawyer for his companion Déborah Al Hawi Al Masri and his son, requests the opening of a judicial investigation to access the procedure, held until here secret by the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office. Laurent Bayon went to Bamako to advance the file.

Maître Laurent Bayon asks for transparency on the action taken by the French State in favor of Olivier Dubois. He believes that he is facing a blockage from the French and French authorities and is asking that an investigating judge be appointed. It was following a search, on April 12, of the parents of a journalist, friend of the journalist, that the lawyer decided to launch this new procedure.

I made this request because I do not understand what the state services do. Olivier Dubois is a French national and it is up to the State services, as the President of the Republic said, to ensure that everything is done to obtain his release”. he justifies himself.

Before going to Bamako, the lawyer decided to “meet the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I personally wrote to Emmanuel Macron’s cabinet. I have not received any satisfactory response even though I have the full and complete support of the Malian authority and the religious authorities of this country to move the situation forward for the benefit of Olivier Dubois. One person is completely absent: it is the French State.

According to him his approach: “Will allow to better understand what the services of the State and in particular the justice are doing in this case. Today we are told that we must remain silent on the actions taken by the French State and on the other side there is total secrecy on the steps taken by the public prosecutor. This situation is no longer tenable.

The Martinican journalist was kidnapped during a report in Gao, in the north of Mali, when he was to interview an executive of a jihadist organization. On March 8, the journalist had been detained by the Support Group for Islam and Muslims, affiliated with Al-Qaeda, for eleven months. He worked for the media Young Africa, Point and Release. In one year, two proofs of Olivier Dubois’ life have been released by his captors.

Among the demonstrators, journalists from the daily Liberation, the weeklies Le Point and Jeune Afrique for which Olivier Dubois worked as a correspondent in Africa.

©Gervais Nitcheu

Last January, French President Emmanuel Macron assured that France did not forget the journalist. “A tireless work is carried out by our diplomatic teams, our military and the competent services”, to secure his release, he said. Olivier Dubois is the only hostage francid in the world.



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