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Steel is no longer hungry: the reasons for the loss of appetite

Steel is no longer hungry and for the restoration cells, nothing is rosy anymore. Two fast food restaurants have been placed in compulsory liquidation and three of them have summoned Apsys, the company that manages Steel in Saint-Étienne, before the commercial court. Nothing is going well in the Grande Allée of restaurants in the Pont de l’Âne shopping center.

First restaurant to close, Tacos Avenue. You might think it was a bad strategy on the part of the mall, but Steel may not be responsible for the closing of the Mexican restaurant. The management of Tacos Avenue has been abysmal. On Google reviews we can read that the staff members are not up to par. “I tried for the first time at 8:30 p.m., but the restaurant was closed even though 11 p.m. is announced on the front door. I come back a second time at 7:30 p.m. 40min wait to be served, no one at the counter to communicate. explains Marina. The kitchen seemed to be desired according to Stéphane: “This place is inadmissible! To make simple, gross, undercooked tacos, meat wasn’t meat! 1h20 wait and it was cold, the order was not what we asked for! “.

Fox Food & Snacking, a fox that fled

The Fox Food & Snacking restaurant (if you can call it that) has closed to make way for a Haribo candy shop. This is the second space to close in a few months. Other restorers have been placed in the backup procedure. “We are close to filing for bankruptcy” confides a manager to us. A problem due to the number of restaurants? Apsys had only promised the restaurateur 10 restaurants. A figure that has passed into the business plan of catering managers. Only then, the management company of Steel has installed nearly 20 restaurants. And there it does not happen. The competition is too tough. “There are going to be deaths”, launches one of the restaurateurs.

A certain lack of diversity

Burgers and always burgers. What to have an indigestion. Bchef, Les Burgers de Papa, Mc Donald’s, Black and White, Old Wild West… There are already five burger fast food outlets. It’s too much. Fast food is legion.

Only a few restaurants stand out, such as La Cocote stéphanoise, which makes a real effort with a specific cuisine of homemade casseroles (of course that remains the opinion of 42info). We, we think that the Stéphanois want to find a varied offer at Steel, other flavors. A French bistro, a world tour of flavors, discoveries of flavors and offers that do not exist elsewhere. The idea is simple, however, and why didn’t Steel’s management think of it?

Steel’s management response

Josselin Durand announces a good resumption of activity in the shopping center © Photo

The director of the shopping center, Josselin Durand was questioned by Progrès on this subject. Josselin Duran explains that you have to think about an offer that pleases. The young executive does not want to believe that attendance is the only reason for these closures.

“Steel is twenty months old and has quite exceptional attendance. We had 500,000 visitors in May and as many in April. We feel a good resumption of activity, which comes to bring the restaurateurs out of the darkness, ”he announces to the newspaper. He points to the covid crisis, the price of raw materials, but also the decline in purchasing power and the shortage of personnel.


Josselin Durand wants to support merchants with rent relief for restaurateurs. To facilitate the job search, the director of Steel wants to provide an office so that the managers can do their job interviews. An email address will be created to organize job dating. Animations are set up to optimize the attractiveness of the shopping center. But for consumers, at 42info, we remain convinced that a wider offer is needed to surprise the customer and avoid junk food brands. The public wants to eat healthy and good. It remains to be seen whether the message will pass to the management of Steel Saint-Etienne.



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