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Outings – Leisure | Video – From the land to the plate #3: in Avignon, mushrooms come out of the cellar of La Mirande

For the past two years, shiitakes, gray and pink oyster mushrooms have been coming out of the cellar of the Avignon restaurant La Mirande. Three varieties of mushrooms that the starred chef Florent Pietravalle has selected and grown in this space rich in humidity and poor in light to supply his kitchen with extra-fresh mushrooms with an almost perfect texture.

To do so, he called on the association Les Jeunes Pousses and its urban mushroom farm “Comme des champignon”. It is in buckets and bales made of straw, wood chips and coffee grounds from neighboring restaurants and cafes that the famous “seed” of the fungus, the mycelium, spreads. And it takes 7 days for the oyster mushrooms to a month for the shiitakes to give the first batch.

Each month, from October to July, around 150 kg of mushrooms are harvested and supply the starred cuisine and neighboring traders.



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