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parisian home insurance for

In addition to the goal of improving purchasing power, the goal is to give as many people as possible access to home insurance and to curb the consequences this can have for people who are poorly insured or not insured (lack of insurance). is grounds for breach of the lease and eviction).

To make this approach a reality, the city of Paris launched a call for Parisian expressions of interest last February, accompanied by this approach by the firm Verspieren, an insurance broker. Twelve organizations declared themselves interested, 9 submitted an offer for cooperation, and after hearing several of them, at the end of May last year, one winner was finally chosen: the consortium VYV Consulting and WAKAM which have come together to live up to the expectations of the city of Paris.

Wakam is the insurer, risk bearer for the home insurance range, and VYV Conseil is responsible for product distribution and all customer service.

The Arcade VYV group is the 4th social landlord in France (almost 180,000 housing units).

An ethical obligation not to offer other supplementary insurance products within 6 months of the conclusion of the Paris home insurance, unless an express request comes from the customer.

Tenants and future tenants (including housing associations):

These limits will be updated every year.

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