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Pet insurance: Which breeds are most insured?

A recent survey by Facco/Kantar TNS found that more than one in two French households had a pet. A total of 63 million animals, including 13.5 million cats and 7.3 million dogs.

According to the same study, every year an owner would spend 584 euros for his dog and 429 euros for his cat. Veterinary treatment and costs are among the expenses that drive up the bill. But all breeds are not equal when it comes to health problems, and therefore some tend to be more often covered by health insurance, especially since they benefit from the reimbursement of care up to 2000 euros according to the contracts. First of all, let’s take stock of the most insured animals in France.

I am finding insurance for my pet

Dog, cat, NAC: which animals are most insured?

Without a doubt, the French insure their dogs more often than their cats. So follow NAC, these new pets that it is possible to insure, especially rabbits or even guinea pigs and parrots. The least insured pets are ferrets.

  1. Dogs: 69.4%
  2. Cats: 28.4%
  3. Rabbits: 1.7%
  4. Guinea pig: 0.2%
  5. Parrots: 0.2%
  6. Ferrets: 0.1%
Labrador retriever dogs look at the camera while chewing on a rope toy in the backyard
Labrador retriever dogs look at the camera while chewing on a rope toy in the backyard

What are the most insured dog breeds?

In 2022, according to a study by Le Comparateur Assurance, the most insured dog breeds are the German Shepherd, the French Bulldog, the Australian Shepherd, the Chihuahua, the Labrador, the Yorkshire Terrier, the Border Collie, the Golden Retriever and the Malinois. .

You should know that some breeds are more likely to suffer from pathologies than others. The Border Collie, for example, is more often epileptic than other breeds and also more often suffers from gastric torsion syndrome. This can incur costs that other dogs will never have. The shepherd’s health is quite solid, but as soon as he grows old, he reveals all his frailty. Meanwhile, the French Bulldog often suffers from respiratory, skin or back problems. Visits to the vet can be quite salty.

When you adopt or buy a dog, you need to find out its robustness or possible weaknesses in order to make the right decisions regarding pet health insurance.

What are the most insured cat breeds?

The most insured cat breeds in 2022 are: Maine Coon, Persian, Aby, Siamese, Sacred Birma, Bengal, European Shorthair, Chartreux and Ragdoll. Like dogs, a cat’s health can vary depending on its breed.

The Maine Coon, for example, can live between 11 and 13 years, sometimes even 15 years. However, this cat breed is susceptible to developing feline obesity, which can cause health problems. And for you additional costs. Spayed Chartreux, whether male or female, are considered to be at risk for urinary stones.

The Ragdoll, very popular with the French, may suffer more than any other breed from a serious disease: a condition of the heart called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). There is a genetic test to detect this disease, but if you did not have the opportunity to do so before welcoming your now beloved cat into your home, you should know that a predisposition exists.

I choose insurance for my dog ​​or my cat

Is it more expensive to insure a purebred animal?

If you are the proud owner of a purebred dog, the insurance you take out for him will actually tend to cost you more than if you had a non-pedigree crossbreed. The reason ? The health of purebred dogs tends to be more fragile. The fact is that alley cats or crossbred cats are more solid than purebred cats. A more varied genetic capital is often synonymous with better hereditary defense against disease. The same applies to dogs, which need a large genetic inheritance to be healthy.

Wickede, NRW, Germany.  A Man with a smartphone lies on them Bett, a Thai Katze and a Dog Jack Russell Terrier lies in Denmark
Wickede, NRW, Germany. A Man with a smartphone lies on them Bett, a Thai Katze and a Dog Jack Russell Terrier lies in Denmark

Why should you compare dog or cat insurance?

To find the most suitable health insurance for your cat or dog, it is better to compare several. And for that, online comparisons will be of great help to you. Their strengths? Take into account a large number of insurances, which makes it possible not to miss the one that will meet the most criteria in your eyes. They also have the advantage of being impartial, classifying the offers by price and by the expressed need. And they are free and without obligation. Just a click away, what a time saver! What did we do before?

>>Click here to compare dog and cat insurance

Comparing insurance policies is essential to compete and allow you to save money for identical coverage. There is insurance for dogs or cats from 10 euros per month! Once you’ve identified the contract that’s right for you, you can request an appointment online to find out more, get a quote or take advantage of an instant subscription. Nothing is easier!



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