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we are ready to boycott second trimester exams

The member of the General Confederation for Basic Education, Ikbel Azzabi said substitute teachers, the class of 2021-2022 education and teaching candidates and substitutes from the classes of 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018 will continue to boycott classes. He remembered that several of them had started sit in in the regional education commissions. He explained this decision with failed negotiations with the Ministry of Education.

Speaking on 8 November 2022 on Express FM radio, Ikbel Azzabi claimed that the ministry was trying to turn the negotiation meeting on November 7, 2022 into a direct confrontation between the union and the students’ parents. Government authorities had satisfied to put forward the same proposal as that which was put forward at the previous meeting. He explained that this had prompted the General Federation of Basic Education to maintain a boycott of the courses.

We are ready to fight… A meeting of the association’s administrative body will take place tomorrow… In the event of no agreement, we will not provide the first trimester grades for all levels of basic education and we will boycott the second trimester exams… The Minister of Education must come down from his ivory tower, hold a dialogue and present a proposal that meets the minimum limit of our colleagues’ demands “, he declared.

Ikbel Azzabi called the President of the Republic, Kaïs Said to intervene and order the head of government, Najla Bouden and to the ministerEducation, Fethi Sellaoui to apply the law. He believed that the minister forEducation demonstrated its lack of seriousness and involvement in this conflict. The member of the Main Association for Basic Education spoke of a total stalemate in the situation and the impossibility of finding a solution.

Ikbel Azzabi stressed the importance of ending precarious employment. He said ensuring teachers’ financial stability was the first step in reforming the education sector. Teachers, he said, will provide remedial sessions immediately after an agreement is reached.




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