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[Publi-communiqué] “Insurance is life”

[Publi-communiqué] “Insurance is life”

All the world’s governments say they are concerned about climate change, yet concrete action does not follow. What do you think prevents us from taking action?

Jean-Philippe Dogneton – Climate awareness is developing, and nothing really prevents us from taking action, except for a kind of ease to oppose the world “Before” and the world “according to” in a sterile debate. Like Buridan’s donkey, who hesitates between two oat picks and finally dies of starvation, we remain trapped in a paradox which is the surest way to not act.

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Faced with climactic evidence that will change the fate of men, it is important to make choices, and the right ones! All actors must contribute to the fight against climate change, and a lot is expected of companies.

Exactly how do you see your role as an insurer in the ecological transition?

Jacques Vandier, founder of Macif, had this formula: “Insurance is life.” It is so true! We, insurance companies, are involved in every moment of citizens’ daily lives, which gives us a role as a social, human observer and gives us an objective view of the risks. We see that the climate and environmental consequences continue to increase and affect society as a whole. The insurance companies estimate that the costs of these damages will double in the period 2020-2050.

Our social and environmental role is therefore crucial in supporting social, cultural and economic change. As an institutional investor, we direct our investments towards the ecological transformation and therefore actively participate in the transformation of economies and the financing of concrete solutions.

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For example, from the start we have supported the company Lhyfe and its founder Matthieu Guesné with an innovative concept for the production and distribution of green hydrogen, i.e. produced from a renewable energy source, in this case wind power. We are also partners in Waga Energy, an anaerobic digestion company based in Northern France that produces heat and electricity from organic waste, most often agricultural waste.

In both cases, we were sensitive to the local nature of these projects. Short circuits, local production, initiative, the power of collective ideas will undoubtedly be an answer to society’s great challenges in terms of energy, but also mobility, housing, health and prevention. . Through its history and structure, Macif has always been keen to act in a local context.

We often talk about the importance of prevention in environmental matters. What is MACIF doing in this regard?

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Locally, our Macif delegates and technicians work every day to make MACIF members aware of risk prevention in general and natural risks in particular. Concretely, prevention is not accidental in a world affected by violence and the intensity of events. It is an instrument to prepare for change, to protect individuals and property. It is also one “arms” in the fight against climate change.

You talk about your history and your structure, but exactly what are the advantages of the mutualist model for trading in the future?

Mutualism, in terms of insurance, is about doing insurance differently. The strengths are decisive, and it will become more so in the coming decades. The Macif model is based on a social project based on economic performance. Our commitment has always been to act in the public interest to protect the greatest number. Why is it so clearly written in our DNA? Because we work for our members, who are administrators of our company, who share the same values ​​and form a committed collective. It changes everything: at the start of our general meetings, members first ask what we have done for the benefit of young people, the environment, vulnerable people and all members, before they ask about the only financial results. These are their priorities, therefore ours.


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