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After 7 years of walking, Savannah is the first dog to complete a world tour on foot with her master!

30 kilometers a day for 7 years. This is the distance that the dog Savannah and her human Tom Turcich have traveled to go around the world on foot and on paws.

Savannah has a record. She is the first dog to circumnavigate the world on foot. His lord, Tom Turcich, is the 10th person to do so. This incredible journey began in 2015, after a tragedy that caused significant questions to empty : the death of a close friend. empty left alone for this journey and adopted Savannah after only a few months of going.

38 countries crossed, on 6 continents

During these 7 years, empty and his dog has crossed 38 countries, on 6 different continents. Their steps led them through extraordinary landscapes where they had unforgettable encounters.

Most of the time, Savannah and empty spent their nights camping.

They shared all their adventures through beautiful pictures on their Instagram account the world tourwhich has almost 125,000 subscribers.

back to the starting point

The adventure of empty and his female dog ended at the end of May 2022. They reached their starting point, where a real committee welcomed them as heroes.

Today, the walking duo is offered a completely different life. Savannah is gradually taking its toll on this more sedentary lifestyle. But there is no doubt about it empty to stop wandering or very rewarding encounters!

An extraordinary story that will be the subject of a memoir, it empty planning to write, according to WLWT.



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