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Reader’s question: “I have a dog, can someone refuse to rent me? »

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Question from Fabrice, from Gond-Pontouvre: “I have twice come across a landlord who refused to rent me an apartment because I have a dog. Does he have the right? ». Alexandra Rougereau, the director of ADIL16, the departmental agency for information on housing in Charente, answers: “No, a landlord does not have the right to refuse a tenant on the pretext that he has an animal. If a landlord mentions this in their documents, this is called an unfair clause. When we are asked about such a difficulty by a tenant, we invite him to clearly tell the owner that the law forbids him to refuse the presence of a dog or a cat. Most conflicts resolve immediately. So much for the theory. But there is also practice. The law does not prohibit a landlord from choosing his tenant. If he opts for one at the expense of the other without saying that his refusal is motivated by the presence of an animal, nothing can be done..



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