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“Throwed away like common waste”: a Chihuahua found in a dumpster at the Châteauneuf-sur-Loire waste center

“Go ahead, do an article! I want people to understand human nature. I found the image horrible. It was thrown away like trash.“Sandrine Lefrançois is responsible for the technical center at Sictom in Châteauneuf-sur-Loire: “It was the agent from the Châteauneuf waste disposal center who contacted me to tell me that a completely panicked little dog was in the dumpster. .” It’s when the compactor roller is going to crush everything in the dumpster that the agent notices a small dog running everywhere…

Sandrine Lefrançois is then called on the spot, this morning of Saturday, October 8. Another agent will then jump into the dumpster, which is 50% full. “The dog was hiding in the piles of waste. We caught him and we managed to bring him out. There is a wall one meter high in front of our dumpsters”, underlines Sandrine Lefrançois. “Concretely, he couldn’t fall on his own.” Especially since a transport box was found in the dumpster, broken by the roller…

Some people therefore had to throw the dog in the dumpster, taking advantage of the fact that the recycling center was very crowded on a Saturday morning. “Then I went to get him some mash,” continues Sandrine Lefrançois. The dog is not identifiable by the veterinary clinic, it is with the gendarmerie that she will find the solution and take the dog to the Fay-aux-Loges pound.

The Chihuahua soon to be adopted?

This chihuahua, a female, is still there, this Monday, October 10: “There, clearly, we cannot touch her”, we are told at the pound. “She is terrified. As soon as we put our hand near the head or the neck, she wants to bite us. She trembles”. The Chihuahua goes to see a veterinarian and stays at the pound for eight days. This is the legal deadline to find the owner. “If we can’t find him, we transfer him to a shelter.” She will then be put up for adoption.

This is not the first time that Sandrine Lefrançois has discovered a dog in a dumpster: “In the early 2000s, a puppy was once discovered thrown into a glass container. We had taken it out. He was alive. I had found him a home to be adopted.”

But what will happen to the little chihuahua? “I will go volunteer to adopt him”, she concludes. “I had more or less thought of applying to the SPA for adoption. Well, we put this dog in my path, so let’s go.”

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