Home Insurance Retirement: do all quarters have the same value?

Retirement: do all quarters have the same value?

Retirement: do all quarters have the same value?

Certain quarters are not taken into account when calculating the pension, although they are taken into account when opening the right to a pension. For other circles it is the opposite. Decryption to understand the calculation of his future retirement.

The number of quarters is an important element in the calculation of the basic pension paid out by the Old Age Insurance. This figure is used to define whether you have reached the period of insurance required to obtain a full pension, or whether you are due a discount or are entitled to a premium.

Among the quarters taken into account, some are contributory, others are considered contributory and still others are equal quarters… These all count in the same way in the formula for calculating your retirement pension. But beware, this is not the case for all pages.

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How is the pension calculated?

To determine the amount of the pension, three elements are taken into account:
– The average annual salary (SAM) consisting of your best 25 years of professional career
– The liquidation rate for your retirement (defined according to all quarters obtained in all schemes), which varies from 37.5% to 50%
– The duration of the insurance in the regular scheme compared to the duration of the insurance required to have full rate.

The calculation formula is as follows: click on this link for pension insurance

Screenshot of pension insurance

Screenshot of pension insurance

Which quarters are excluded from the calculation of the pension?

Certain quarters set aside to compensate for a situation are retained for the opening of your pension rights, but are not included in the calculation of your pension of the ordinary scheme:
– Trimester of other plans
– The quarters assigned to the spouses of craftsmen or traders
– Neighborhoods related to adversity

Conversely, certain quarters treated as contributory quarters (unemployment, illness, etc.) are sometimes not taken into account to determine whether you are eligible to retire.

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