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What is the most expensive cat in the world? Top 10 Races!

Although the dog is man’s best friend, many only have eyes for the cat. Moreover, the purchase of this cat, in order to adopt it, is generally affordable. However, enthusiasts can pay thousands of dollars to buy one.

In fact, some luxury cats cost a fortune. The price of a luxurious cat breed can go up to 110,000 euros. These exorbitant prices can be explained by their rarity, the complexity of their breeding, their difficulty in reproducing, their hypoallergenic properties or other peculiarities.

10 – The Russian Blue, a calm and loving cat

that Russian blue is also known as the Archangelsk cat. If its origins remain unknown until now, one thing is certain. This cat deserves its name because of its sparkling blue dress approaching silver color. Besides its beauty, it also enjoysa strong body.

Russian Blue is calm nature. He feels comfortable inside and out. Furthermore, he possesses great intelligence as well as a heart full of love. That is why he particularly appreciates being pampered, so that he can prove to be so “pot glue” with its owner.

The Russian Blue, a cat breed

Without forgetting that with him, sensitive people have less risk of having an allergic reaction than with other cats. For all these qualities, the purchase of a Russian Blue will cost you between 700 and 1,200 euros.

9 – The Scottish Fold, calm and sociable

That Scottish Fold comes from Scotland and is characterized by its short ears that bend forward. Moreover, this peculiarity causes a controversy regarding the creation of this breed. For good reason, this trait makes the cat prone to health problems, including deafness. In addition, he has thick fur, which protects him from the cold, but which makes him heat sensitive. His body, he is robust, although it seems somewhat coated.

Despite these few faults, this breed of cats has excellent character. In addition to being cute, she is very loving towards her masters and manifests unfailing patience with children. In addition, the Scottish Fold easily socializes with pets. Also, if you like calm and reserved cats, this one is for you.

Scottish Fold, a cat breed

For the purchase of this cat, you need to plan up to 1,600 euros.

8 – The British Shorthair, a real plushie

that British Shorthair originates from Great Britain. Its popularity comes mainly from its curves and its beautiful coat which gives it a teddy bear look. In addition, its round head and coppery eyes also enchant cat lovers.

In addition, this cat has a calm and compliant temperament which is accompanied byextraordinary patience and loving behavior. Because of his lively spirit, his playful side and his gregariousness, he is a good companion for children. However, you should know that this cat likes its independence and needs large spaces. So a small apartment will not do.

British Shorthair, a cat breed

Do you like curious but not rambunctious cats? Prepare now 700 to 1,400 euros for this.

7 – Maine Coon, the favorite of the French

that Maine Coon is one of the races biggest cats in the world. It measures about 1 m long for approx 9 kg. This cat of great beauty has relatively long fur, whose softness is amazing. He also stands out thanks to the hair around his neck that forms a kind of mane.

Like most of the luxury cats on this ranking, the Maine Coon has an adorable and loving character. He is calm, sociable and gentle, both with other animals and with humans. In addition, he is intelligent and adapts well to life both outdoors and indoors. All these qualities explain why it is one of them most popular cats in France.

Maine Coon, a cat breed

To buy it you need to plan a budget on 1,000 to 2,000 euros around the rain.

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6 – Manx, a difficult cat to breed

As the name suggests, is Manx originates from the Isle of Man. That has something special about it has no tail or to have partial. Thus its name varies according to its tail: Rumpy (completely absent), stump (a few centimeters) and Longy (far enough). Besides, his the hind legs are longer than its front legs, giving it increased agility and speed. His hair is short and thick, which does not prevent him from being silky smooth.

This cat is relatively independent, very playful and very alert. That is also patient and especially loving, especially towards children and the elderly. This cat can be protective, but that doesn’t stop it from being sociable with another cat or even a dog.

Manx, a breed of cat

Its price that revolves around 1,200 and 1,700 euros can be explained, among other things, by its breeding, which is extremely demanding.

5 – The Sphynx, the cat with an atypical physique

that Sphynx is a controversial cat because of its atypical physics. This cat has extremely fine down, which gives the impression that it has no hair. A function that does that sensitive to cold and more greedy than other cats. In fact, he has to compensate for the energy that his body uses to regulate its heat.

Despite its appearance, which may repel some, this cat breed has a lovely character. In fact, she greatly appreciates the caresses of her owner with whom it adheres quickly. He is also intelligent, dynamic and playful with a curious nature. This makes him an excellent companion for children and makes him sociable around other pets. Nevertheless, he sometimes need calm to recharge.

Sphynx, a breed of cat

This cat can animate your apartment from the start 1,500 to 3,000 euros.

4 – Peterbald, the hairless cat

that peterbald originates from Russia and is characterized bycomplete lack of hair. Some variants such as velvet and brush have it, but barely enough. Therefore it is sensitive to high temperatures and cold.

This feline is valued for its great vigilance and demonstrative nature. If he is completely devoted to its owner, it also requires a lot of attention. Actually this cat can suffer from loneliness if he does not have enough interactions with other individuals.

Peterbald, a cat breed

All these specificities are worth being part of the luxury cats and costing in between 1,000 and 2,000 euros.

3 – The Bengal, between the leopard cat and the domestic cat

that Bengal is a cat looks a lot like a wild animal because of its coat that resembles that of the cat leopard. For good reasons, it comes from the cross between the latter and the domestic cat. Since 2009, it has become more popular with the public because of crossbreeding with leopard cats prohibited.

Furthermore, hidden behind his wild aspect and his playful nature a heart full of love. It does very demonstrative against his master and the other animals in the house. If he loves to do acrobatics in the middle of nature, a properly designed interior fits just as well. It also stands out because his love of waterwhich makes it easier to care for.

Bengal, a breed of cat

If you want to adopt a Bengal cat, you have to count 1,500 to 3,500 euros costs of purchase.

2 – The Savannah, an athletic cat

That Savannah has an impressive stature and an athlete’s body. She can measure up to 40 cm at the shoulder with an emphasis on 7 to 14 kg. This cat has an easily recognizable spotted coat whose hair is short. He is also hypoallergenic. So people who are allergic to cats do not have allergic reactions in the presence of it.

This breed was created in the USA in 1986 and is still not very present in France. Furthermore, it is subject to restrictions in some countries, for his hunting skills are a threat to local wildlife. Other cities feel that Savannah is not not made for captivity.

Savannah, a cat breed

However, this cat, very cuddly, remains an animal very dedicated against his master. Besides, even though he is a player, he knows how to keep quiet and show tenderness. He is also endowed with great intelligence and great social adaptability. Like the Bengal cat, he loves waterwhich is a clear advantage compared to other cats.

All these characteristics make this cat very expensive as its price varies between 2,500 and 7,000 euros.

1 – The Ashera, the biggest and most expensive cat in the world

The gap between The Ashera and all the other cats in this ranking are phenomenal. Quite specifically, he was created by a California biotech company in 2005. This cat is the result of a cross between a Serval, a Leopard cat and a House cat.

It is characterized by a length from 100 to 150 cm and a weight of up to 15 kg as an adult. Which makes it the largest cat in the world. By the way, this cat’s coat is similar to that of a leopard. Except that unlike this animal, The Ashera is hypoallergenic.

Ashera, a cat breed

The Ashera is also an extremely rare cat breed as there is only one. fifty in the world. Why ? Its price is the first factor, however infertility of individuals is the main reason. Therefore, not enough is known about the character of this cat.

In short, this cat is the biggest, the rarest and most expensive of all cats. In addition, the price may increase up to 110,000 euros, which is just great for a cat. However, you can adopt one from 20,000 euroswith luck.



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