Route du Rhum: the military ready to intervene in the event of a terrorist attack

General Laurent Michel Michon visited the village of Route du Rhum on Friday 28 October. © Malouin Land

The terrorist threat still weighing onto France. The Rome route don’t escape it. Of concrete blocks was installed at village entrances to avoid frame attacks.

Already 200,000 visitors passed in three days. The organizer expects two millions. “It is obvious that a crowd of people can attract terrorists,” it says lieutenant colonel Frederic Daguillon. “You have seen the world in Saint-Malo. An attack can happen quickly”, worries this Malouine crossed near the village and who refuses to set foot in Rome route.

“We are ready to intervene”

army general Laurent Michon inspected Operation Sentinel, Friday, October 28. Since the opening of the village, Tuesday, October 25, the soldiers do not mix with the crowd. “We are a little behind, but ready to intervene in case of terrorist attack, with weapons of war. We are here as soldiers. The sentinel operation is prepared “in dialogue with the prefect. It is he who considers the relevance of sending the army on a mission.

We don’t communicate by numbers

How much military is mobilized to Saint Malo ? “We don’t communicate speak up”, replies the chief officer. “We give as few indications as possible. “To say as little as possible, such is therefore the strategy of the army, because it is truly “a military operation”, replies the new General Officer of the Western Defense and Security Zone. He ordered rearticulation of the force Barchan to Sahel.

The sentinels have already been mobilized on the Route du Rhum and during the summer period. “We used to come. The goal is to calm and deter. »

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