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Rym Renom and Vincent Queijo finally ready to have a third child?


“This question is repeated a lot”

Vincent is the person who completes me. Of course we argue! But that is part of love and married life. We met and we had children very quickly and closer. So we couldn’t enjoy our love together, but all we have now is what makes us happy. But I know one day we’ll be the crazy couple again! Even if we are already very crazy. Vincent is my other half. I love her and I will love her all my life “had confided in Rym Renom about his relationship with Vincent.

But when a user asks him: Do you want a boy? I like little boys“, the young woman is not so categorical. ” I’ll start with this first question because it gets repeated a lot. No, we don’t want a third child, we are fine with Alma and Maria Valentina. And to be honest, we need to find ourselves a little bit. So suddenly it becomes our goal for a while to spend a little more time on love. There it is, so no third, whether it’s a girl or a boy, it really doesn’t matter to us. But all four of us are doing very well adds the beautiful mother who had a complicated birth.

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And you, what do you think? About Rym Renom?



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