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Sauerkraut, baeckeoffe and flammekueche: why is the hotel-restaurant Le Pommeil, in Guéret, changing its menu?

With Aline Bertrand in the kitchen and Aurélien Spahn in the dining room, the couple in their twenties are taking over from the former managers, Nathalie and Patrick Longour, who have gone into early retirement, at the head of the Gueret business Le Pommeil.

Arrived in Creuse on April 22, the two Alsatians wanted to “change their lives and buy a business”. A final choice resulting from a whole journey of a week to travel through France in search of a crush. They held several appointments each day, because there was no question of “visiting a property and returning”, and they came down from Alsace as the announcements were selected.

It was therefore in Creuse that they found happiness, “everything appreciated in Guéret: the sympathy of the people they met, the Courtille lake, the shops nearby and the hiking sites in the surroundings… so the business for sale , it seemed like a stroke of luck to us. And the verdict turned out to be good for Maya too, the couple’s dog, “we wanted him to feel comfortable”.

Sauerkraut and pies flambée on the menu

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With them, they bring back specialties to garnish the restaurant menu from time to time. “In winter, the weather is perfect for sauerkraut and baeckeoffe?! But with the sun in sight, Aline’s choice is more on the “flammekueche”, tartes flambées: “We plan to rent an oven for the occasion”.
Aurelien adds:

For the moment, we are concentrating on traditional and homemade cuisine with fresh products, but we have more ambitious projects. When we are well in the bath, we would like to have real Alsatian evenings.

And they are diversifying their offer with take-out sales by reservation.

A youthful look

The transfer is also accompanied by a change of scenery. On the hotel side, work is being done in the rooms. “We rejuvenate everything, we install duvets instead of blankets,” says the 21-year-old cook. “We also changed the lights between two shifts,” laughs Aurélien.

Brought together by confinement in Creuse, three brothers launch a microbrewery at the foot of the Monts de Guéret

But they are also developing “garden furniture in order to have a drink or eat quietly under the parasols”. Their objective is assumed, for them it is above all a question of “bringing out the bar and restaurant side and not necessarily the hotel part”. Because they themselves enjoy “chatting with people in the morning”, they intend to wake up the city, their “mission”. If they like Guéret, they admit: “Nothing is done for young people here”.

Text and photo: Charlotte Mathiot

Open every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., 75, rue de Pommeil, in Guéret. Such. Facebook page.




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