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Seine-et-Marne: Bourron-Marlotte tackles the spread of stray cats

Vanessa, a resident of Bourron-Marlotte, has decided to tackle the problem of the spread of cats ©JM. K./RSM77

Given the situation, she decided to take the subject head on. Vanessa, a resident of Bourron-Marlotte (Seine-et-Marne) decided to tackle the problem problem with the many stray cats qThey have taken up residence near the buildings on the rue de Samois. On Friday, October 21, a trap was carried out near the residence. According to her more than 25 cats wander medically, health and food. Another problem: they multiply.


“Initially I posted a message on Bourron Solidarity’s Facebook page,” she recalls. Her publication is imitated, and she will especially be supported by a friend who does dog rescues. To fund her project, she then launched a kitten. “Residents and traders have mobilized so that we can carry out a trap”, she continues.

An operation that involves luring animals into a cage and then sterilizing them. “Thanks to donations and the partnership with two vets, we bring the cats to a full examination and then consider sterilization,” explains Vanessa, who then hopes to place them and offer them a better life.

The contact, Victor Valente, the mayor of Bourron-Marlotte, who was present on the day of the operation, confirms. ” It’s a localized problem because people feed cats and it attracts them, he points out. We will try to support the initiative as best as possible, I have already contacted a vet in Fontainebleau. »

Vanessa, for her part, wants to continue her momentum, but she also wants to create awareness. “Residents need to be aware of the responsibility that comes with taking an animal,” she insists. We have to deal with it on a daily basis, because here it has consequences for everyone. “As winter approaches, she renews her call for solidarity, to continue the operation, even though she remains aware “that not all cats can be taken care of. »

Information: to contact her 06 07 32 58 07.

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