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The famous confectioner robs his own apartment to take out insurance

Sparna confectioner world champion Yazid Ichemrahen was arrested on Thursday 3 November for a fraud case.

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However, her story was an adventure. Yazid Ichemrahenthe 31-year-old confectioner, who became world champion in 2014 after spending part of his childhood in a Sparnac home, was arrested on Thursday 3 November and then placed in police custody in connection with a fraud case, our colleagues from JDD.

Following a break-in at his flat on the night of 8 to 9 February, he had requested and received a €40,000 refund from his insurance. The investigators in the 1st judicial police district, seized after the confectioner’s complaint, were immediately in serious doubt. CCTV footage showed Yazid Ichemrahen leaving his apartment in the capital’s 16th arrondissement at 11.30pm on the night of the burglary. He then returned the next afternoon and that’s when he noticed the break-in. He then said that luxury clothes, jewelry and the keys to his car, an Audi RS6, were stolen.

Very bad timing as the film “À la bonne étoile” based on its story and partially shot in Épernay is due to be released in February 2023

The same CCTV images reveal a hooded man entered the lobby of the building that evening before leaving half an hour later with two bin bags and then the famous Audi RS6. Following the car’s tracks, investigators noted that the vehicle had been parked in a parking lot near the Champs-Élysées before coming out the next morning at around 10 a.m. To pay for parking, the suspected thief used a bank card in the name of Yazid Ichemrahen. Problem: the 30-year-old never said it was stolen.

An inconsistency which led the police to arrest the alleged victim, who in police custody confessed to having staged this burglary in order to receive the insurance money. The saving nation would have advanced “financial difficulties” to explain his action.

Released, he will stand trial in early 2023 for fraud in connection with an appearance after a prior guilty plea. A very bad timing, while the movie “To the lucky star” based on his story and shot partly in Épernay will be published in February 2023.

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