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Seine-et-Marne: SPA’s rant after the abandonment of a cat

This cat was left in the car park near Vaux-le-Pénil SPA on Thursday, December 22, 2022 © Vaux-le-Pénil SPA

Without vigilance of a driving instructor who maneuvered, he might have been found too late. That Vaux-le-Pénil SPA (Seine-et-Marne) throws himself out after the discovery of a cat leftthis Thursday, December 22, 2022, back behind a car in the parking lot near the reception.

An abandoned cat discovered behind a car in the SPA parking lot

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have seen such a gesture, regrets director Céline Touguay. Luckily he was left in a wicker basket and we got him to safety. It was the cage though hidden behind a car and the outcome could have been less happy. SPA regularly finds animals in its parking lot, sometimes tied up, or empty boxes from which the animals were able to escape.

The cat, meanwhile, has been entrusted to the Vaux-le-Pénil pound, where it will be kept for eight days before being put up for adoption – potentially at the Vaux-le-Pénil SPA if no one comes forward to claim it. “It’s a stressful situation for this cat,” she continues. He is not identifiable, we do not know his name or his obligations, which complicates things for the future. We just know he’s neutered. »

Delivery by appointment

A situation all the more incomprehensible that the local branch of SPA offers deliveries by agreement. “It’s not about judging, people can come without meeting the adopters,” Céline Touguay insists. It’s a way to get information about the animal, so much information that helps us put them back in the best possible conditions. »

On the eve of the holiday, SPA also wants to send a warning regarding “gift animal”. Recently, a Labrador dog was entrusted to the structure. It was given as a gift to an owner who did not want it. “The arrival of an animal should not be taken lightly,” insists Céline Touguay. She had the right reflex to entrust it to us. But people who offer animals must think about the consequences. »

According to the SPA in Vaux-le-Pénil, if the period most conducive to abandoning animals remains the period before the summer holidays, abandonments are observed regularly throughout the year. Currently, 150 animals are available for adoption in this refuge in Seine-et-Marnais.

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